ASOS Black Friday 2023

Due to the success of 2022’s Black Friday, the brief for 2023’s was to revamp and elevate the 2022 concept and design. The 3D tokens were updated to have a more sleek appearence. While the layouts of the promos were redesigned for better hierachy and have relfection of our current Homepage. This was also reflected in our outputs for Social Media, CRM and Paid Media.  

ASOS Black Friday 2022

The concept behind the ASOS Black Friday 2022 was all about playfulness and this gamify quality. We created these tokens in different materials to add a fun and video game-like element to the design, which was reflected throughout the ASOS homepage, social media channels, CRM and paid media. The tokens were animated to create an interactive and playful dynamic on the content. 

Design: Charlie Griffin, Angela Yang, Ellis Newlove, Lily Dunlop
Creative: Olivia Pringle, Mike Raven 
Video: Joseph Coope
Producers: Georgina Barker, Sian Hainsworth, Ellie Shillaker
Trade: Grace Gething-Lewis, Alice Wheatley, Livvy Thompson
Content: Pippa Wingate, Grace Creed
CRM: Eleanor Danks, Celia Sainz Crespo, Isabell Proschak
Editors: Steven Potter, Alice Doleman, Georgia Sayer

Black Friday Warm up

Black Friday Week