ASOS launched Kylie Cosmetics on the site through digital outputs such as Homepage, Social, Paid Media and CRM and IRL activiations. Through the usage of ASOS and Kylie Cosmetics’ brand guidelines, we created a syngergy between the two brands. For the prelaunch, we created teasers on Social hinting Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie herself recorded a message for ASOS customers to show her excitment for the launch. For the big launch moment, the Design team concepted and created  animated 3D design videos for our Social channels to captivate the audience. Working with an external agency, we also created assets for in-person event to the celebrate the launch and capture special moments.

Design: Ellis Newlove, Angela Yang, Natalie Roberts, Katie Addicott
Creative: Carys Cross, Imogen Cross, Emily Eades
Producers: Emma O’Rourke
Partnership Management: Rachel Wortman-Williams


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