This book is based on the word Panopticon. Panopticon is a concept and institutional building design of a prison by English social theorist, Jeremy Bentham. The structure of the Panopticon allows inmates to be observed by a single watchman without the inmates’ knowledge. Although, it is physically impossible for a single watchman to observe all prison cells at once, due to the lack of knowledge by the inmates, this causes them to effectively control their own behaviors at all times.

The texts within the book are all about unique and/or unconventional surveillance stories from various countries. All articles are separated into its own country of origin. Within the sections, the table of content is consistently on the left page. It acts as the “watcher” throughout the entire book. The TOC is intended for readers to feel as if they are being monitored. Due to it being repeated continuously, one’s subconsciousness ignores this action, much like how we turn a blind eye to the public surveillance cameras within our surroundings.

All content is found online and sourced in the book.